About Bluefield AMS

Bluefield, Practical Asset Management Services

The Bluefield team have worked for many years as part of operating mines during the low margin cycles of the industry. Identifying losses and waste and systemising the processes that continue to reduce and eliminate these losses was an essential part of every work day.

Bluefield have developed internal process that enable our clients to reduce their equipment losses and eliminate waste thus increasing throughput and reducing cost. We have also worked on many large projects to ensure the businesses start out with the required capability to operate effectively. Combining our experience from operations and projects means that we can provide services throughout the life cycle of equipment.

What we stand for

Bluefield has a very experienced team of professionals that are passionate about the fundamentals of asset management and are actually able to make a difference in the short term

We believe that there are too many “solutions” on the market and that the real solution is people using the tools that are available well
We believe that the best and fastest way to make a measurable difference in machine reliability and cost is to first execute the current PM program well
We believe that sustainable improvement comes from continuing to improve knowledge of equipment and updating the system
We know that to optimise equipment performance the work starts in the study and execution phase of a project

Our People

Our point of difference is in our people. All of our people have worked in and understand our clients context. We understand all of the contemporary principles to manage assets but we also bring the hard won practical learning of how to best extract the business benefits from theories

Principal Asset Managers

Our Asset Managers have all worked for major and minor mining companies at Maintenance Manager or General Manager Maintenance level. All have worked across commodities with significant experience in both fixed plant and mobile equipment.
Additionally our people have significant experience with OEM suppliers including P&H, Bucyrus, Komatsu and Caterpillar to name a few

Asset Management Specialists

Our Asset Management Specialists have a minimum of 10 years experience in the industry at senior engineer or superintendent level. They have experience working for large and small mining companies
and experience with OEM suppliers or the major equipment dealers including Bucyrus, CAT, Sandvik. Some of our specialists have specialised in fixed plant equipment primarily in metalliferous processing plants

Equipment Application Specialists

Our Application Specialists generally come from a mining engineering or operations background and are specialists in maximising the equipment productivity and ensuring that our modelling for machine productivity is based on proven assumptions

Reliability Engineers

Minimum of 5 years experience with the equipment. Our reliability engineers generally have a combination of engineering qualifications and practical trade based experience

  • Antti Nikula

    Antti is an experienced Mechanical Engineer who has developed mobile maintenance departments for two new operations in Finland. Antti has experience in formula car racing and also brings this knowledge …

  • Rob Bowden

    Rob is an experienced mobile equipment maintenance tradesperson and mechanical engineer. Combining the engineering qualifications and practical enables Rob to provide realistic and practical outcomes for life cycle cost modelling, …

  • Daniel Soderberg (Sweden)

    Daniel is our associate Mobile Asset Specialist in Sweden. Daniel is assisting Bluefield to deliver our knowledge and experience into the mining market in Sweden.

    Daniel has a practical background in …

  • Peter Lee

    Peter has over 10 years industry experience as a project, maintenance and reliability engineer. Peter is very experienced in Caterpillar equipment management and also has good experience with other makes …