Why Businesses Choose Bluefield

Practical Services that Add Value

The services that Bluefield offer cover the life cycle of equipment, from equipment planning and optimisation to operation and reliability improvement. Bluefield stands alone in its ability to provide this breadth of service and stay focused on mining equipment. This enables us to deliver specialist advice and the best value for our clients.

In addition we provide specialists with many years of practical site based experience who are connected to our extensive global network of industry experts. We do not provide theoretical versions of equipment maintenance or fleet performance but advice that is taken from hard won experience and is proven to add value to mining companies in the short, medium and long term.

Businesses continue to come back to Bluefield because of our determination to continue to add value to their bottom line.

“Recently one of our specialists was on a site but due to unforeseen weather conditions the site resources were unable to participate in the strategy review program. Our specialists are passionate about improving the cost performance of our clients so instead of charging for the day our specialist worked on another project and did not charge this client. This was an excellent demonstration of our commitment to acting as if we were part of our clients organisation”