Case Studies

  • Mine Site Loss Review

    Significant cost savings found in maintenance at large open cut coal mine

  • Developing an Effective Oil Analysis Program

    Effective Oil Analysis Program to Improve Equipment Reliability Oil sampling and analysis as a condition monitoring program has been around for many years as part of operating and maintaining heavy mining equipment. The program and photos sited in this case study were from an open-cut coal mine that kicked off their oil sampling program in the 70’s. However, […]

  • Where are Above Rail Maintenance Costs Spent

    With above rail maintenance costs accounting for at least 40% of a rail operator’s ongoing costs, complete visibility is required. This includes the cost of components and labour for both planned and unplanned maintenance. By having complete visibility around all costs, comparisons can be made against industry and company benchmarks, and forecast maintenance costs can be compared with actual costs spent.

  • Failed Parts Drive Quality Improvement

    Failed parts can drive work quality improvement and an equipment ownership culture Over the years it has become common practice to discard failed parts without any review or inspection. When the failed part is thrown out without an inspection, the opportunity to learn from the failure and drive a culture of quality preventative maintenance is […]

  • Strategic Improvement Plan Management

    Developing and Managing a Strategic Improvement Plan for Maintenance Many businesses want to improvement their maintenance performance but are unsure where to start and how to ensure the effort continues. The first step is to review the business performance against the strategic asset management model. Most maintenance audits and evaluations will do this step and […]

  • Effective Reliability Improvement

    Bluefield assist businesses internal resources to become more effective at reliability improvement

  • Practical Equipment Strategies

    One of the greatest mistakes that is often made when companies are developing equipment maintenance strategies is to create far too many maintenance plans for the system to be practical and manageable for the planning resources

  • CAT 789 VIMS Data Analysis

    Professional VIMS and condition monitoring data analysis and reporting

  • Komatsu 960 Life Cycle Strategy

    Optimised Life Cycle Strategy for Komatsu 960

  • Implementing Life Cycle Cost Management (LCC) Saves Millions

    Implementing Life Cycle Cost Management Saves Metals Miner Millions Our client, PanAust, is an operator of two very efficient metals mines in Laos with larger projects in other parts of the world. PanAust wanted to develop a life cycle cost management approach for their mining assets in order to ensure the assets’ life cycles were […]