Quality (ISO9001) and Safety (AS4801) Management System Accreditation

Bluefield is proud to announce that we have recently gained ISO 9001 certification. In order to achieve this milestone, we closed some gaps in our quality management processes, which we achieved in a simple and effective manner and by maintaining our documentation to a practical level that can be easily understood. This globally recognised and third-party ...


More on Mobile Mining Equipment Fires

Mobile Mining Equipment Fires We have previously written articles on mobile mining equipment fires and how they can be avoided (Read previous article here). Most recently, while further researching this subject, I came across this DNRM bulletin from November 2016. It is a very comprehensive review of the DNRM database of Fixed and Mobile Equipment ...


The top 9 mistakes companies make with Reliability Engineers

Over the past 15 years Reliability Engineers have become common place in many of the resources industry maintenance teams. With this increased effort and significant investment in reliability engineering……., why do we still have equipment that is way under-performing on our reliability expectations?


Defect Elimination

Managing equipment defects in a proactive manner is essential to get the best performance from your assets. Two things are required 1) a defect management process and 2) quality execution and review of that process.             Pretty simple really but it is amazing how time and time again a defect will become an unplanned ...


4100XPC Shovel Shutdown Management

4100XPC Shovel Shutdown Management Bluefield recently managed a 4100XPC AC shovel shutdown. This shovel was critical to the mine production and the shutdown duration needed to be minimised as well as keeping it within budget. We started on the shutdown during the late stages of the planning phase and there were several aspects of the detailed planning ...


La única vez que tenemos el control de una parada de planta es durante la fase de planificación!

Hace muchos años aprendí a la fuerza que la única vez que se tiene el control de una parada de planta es cuando se está en la fase de planificación. Durante la ejecución, uno queda dependiendo de lo bueno que fue el plan y lo más importante, de lo bien que se ha protegido el plan. Siempre van a haber imprevistos ...


We have control of a shutdown only during the planning phase

Many years ago I learned the hard way that the only time you have control of a shutdown is when you are in the planning phase. During execution, you are at the will of how good the plan was and more importantly, how well the plan has been protected.


Manteniendo la integridad de equipos eléctricos

Mantener la integridad de los equipos eléctricos de una manera confiable es una tarea que parece difícil dado que muchos de los modos de falla en los componentes eléctricos son aleatorios y no puede ser detectado a través de técnicas de monitoreo de condiciones.


Maintaining the Integrity of Electrical Equipment

From Bluefield experience, we find that these fundamental inspections and tasks for maintaining electrical equipment integrity, are often in place within the PM program. However, as equipment ages, we often find that the standards are allowed to deteriorate or even worse, maintenance activities allow the original component integrity which is designed to maintain a TCDC operating environment, to be defeated.


Quality Maintenance Execution Standards

Quality Maintenance Execution Standards The physical work at the sharp end of Asset Management is every bit as important as the high-level strategy, planning and coordination. This article explains how working agreements assist, to ensure that the work is not just done, but done right. As commodity prices decline it is essential for mining companies to be more competitive.  With ...