Bluefield Transformation

There are many evaluations, processes and services providers available to assist operations to turn around equipment reliability and improve availability and Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) performance. However, the Bluefield approach is unique and proven to facilitate improvement in the basics which deliver 80% of the value. Our transformation approach was developed over many years of implementing site improvement programs to a program that delivers real results and improved availability and MTBF in a short term. The Bluefield approach is simple, owned by the site teams and effective. The process overview is shown below. 


Do the Fundamentals Well

When the effort to implement disciplined work management processes and work management KPI’s fails to deliver the expected business benefits, then the cause of this will most certainly be maintenance execution quality or sometimes called precision maintenance.

Work management systems can register that the work has been completed but not the standard to which it has been completed. Bluefield has proven that by improving the basics of maintenance, significant uptime, availability and MTBF improvements can be achieved in a short term without having to spend money on programs like RCM or PMO.

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