Training and Coaching

Bluefield can work with your employees and develop the capability within your team. Many of our services include an element of coaching and we work to develop the knowledge and experience within our clients teams while execute these services. This leaves a lasting knowledge and also the site guys often utilise our large network to continue the information sharing after we have completed our task.

In addition to this Bluefield also offers formal training programs designed to provide and intense experiential learning that would take many years on site to develop. Some of these programs are listed below but contact us for further details


Experiential Training Programs

Our training programs are designed to provide not only lecture style information but experiential exercises that intensify the learning and show how theories can be practically implemented in the work place.

    • Mobile Asset Management
    • Practical Reliability Improvement
    • Planning for Reduced Downtime
    • Maintenance for Mining Executives


Bluefield offer various online training packages.

See the complete list to sample the courses or purchase individual courses.

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