797F Fleet Operational Readiness

All 8 trucks are now complete, with only some minor paperwork to be finalised.

I would like to say to Bluefield, thanks for an excellent job. I have had very little to do with these trucks over the last 3-4 months but was very comfortable and trusted you with the work you were doing. The OEM did a pretty good job running the site and managing their people, and that was due largely to the work that you were doing monitoring them.

Excellent job and my sincere thanks.

Dear Gerard,

I just want to drop you a quick line to express WICET’s appreciation for the professional and responsive manner in which Bluefield Asset Management Services dealt with the rigorous demands in the establishment of the asset management programme. My operational readiness team have also expressed particular praise for the professional conduct and work ethic of Mr Simon Lovegrove who worked very closely with the team to develop the Workplace Risk and Control matrices.

Please pass on my sincere appreciation and gratitude to the Bluefield Asset Management Services Team.

“We have utilised Bluefield on several occasions to assist with optimising the management of our assets. Most recently, we engaged Bluefield to review our maintenance strategy and planning process, in order to identify areas for improvement and cost saving. Bluefield conducted a site review to capture data, identified key opportunities and recommended practical solutions that were not only of long term benefit for maintenance performance but immediate cost savings. These were through improved equipment strategy and planning process.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Bluefield for businesses looking for looking for practical services and real outcomes.”

It is important for PanAust to minimise the total cost of ownership while sustaining high levels of safe performance throughout our operations. Our work with Gerard Wood and his team at Bluefield aimed to build a process of economic analysis to assess the total cost of acquisition and ownership of our mobile assets. To do this we needed to be able to make informed business decisions to optimise the performance of our mining assets, identify cash flow and have a long term view to enable these critical decisions to be planned. We were thrilled when our partnership with the Bluefield team was able to build and implement a Life Cycle Management (LCM) program that resulted in immediate and significant cost savings before we had even completed the project. The LCM program is now part of what we do at PanAust and has delivered results that were beyond our expectations in terms of real cost savings and the speed with which we were able to accomplish our goal. What we appreciated most about working with Gerard and his team at Bluefield was their ability to cut through the perceived complications of an LCM program by using simple systems and processes, challenging and engaging our people, and delivering the expected results, plus, plus.

Bluefield’s experience in mining and their pragmatic approach to maintenance strategy ensured that they came to us with solutions to our issues that were effective and quickly implementable, leading to immediate direct cost savings and availability increase

Every business talks about providing real value – Bluefield actually delivers.  This team is high performance and low maintenance every time.